Privacy Policy

1. General purpose
In this Privacy Policy, we explain to you in detail how we handle your personal data. In order to provide you with a variety of features to facilitate your shopping, we need to deal with some personal data. So you order the product and send the necessary data, will be processed and forwarded to our commissioned service providers to order processing. In addition, address and order data are collected and processed for their marketing purposes. For other marketing purposes, only such data is passed, which is legally permissible.
As a general rule: In all data processing, we naturally comply with all applicable legal requirements. You can e-mail to alisneaker@hotmail.com at any time to oppose the use, processing and transmission of your personal data for marketing purposes.

2. Record the data
Each time you access a page of Ali Sneaker, the usage data is transferred by the corresponding Internet browser and stored in the log file (so-called log file). The stored record contains the following data: the date and time of the search, the name of the visited page, the IP address, the reference URL (the original URL you came to the page), the data transferred, the load time, and the product and version of the browser information. The user's IP address will be deleted after use. We evaluate these log file records in an anonymous form to further improve our service, make it better for users to use, find and correct errors more quickly, and control server capacity.

3. Online shopping data processing
When you order fashionable goods, we process your personal data for trading purposes. In particular handling your order, sending goods, checking your credit, handling payments and possible warranty. To this end, we mainly deal with your name, gender, date of birth, delivery address, e-mail address and password, and telephone number.
If you need to send your order, we will pass your personal data to our shipping company responsible for delivery. The shipping company will only use your personal data to process the shipment.
In order to process the payment, we will forward your payment data (eg name, name, email address, purchase price) to the credit or other payment service provider or PayPal.

4. Cookies
On various webpages, we use cookies to make our site attractive and allow the use of certain features. These are small text files that are stored on your computer. Most cookies we use are removed from your hard drive after the browser session ends (so called session cookies). Through this, we can show you the cross page shopping cart where you can see how many items are currently in your shopping cart and your current purchase value. Other cookies will remain on your computer so that we can recognize your computer (the so-called permanent or cross-session cookies) the next time you visit. In particular, the role of these cookies is to make our offer more perfect, more effective and more secure. Because of these files, for example, you can see the information that appears on the page that is specific to your interests. These cookies are automatically deleted after one year.
Our cookies are used to display the following information: session ID, shopping cart information, user's source, gender of the visit category, about your last visit page.

5. security protection
In order to protect your data, we have adopted a variety of security measures. In the process of ordering the goods, the use of "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)" through the Internet to encrypt personal data to the site operator. Online stores are protected by technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized persons from losing, destroying, accessing, modifying or disseminating personal data.

6. Contact us
If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us via e-mail or online chat software. Our email address is alisneaker@hotmail.com.